Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine is currently the fastest-growing field of medicine – it is a field of medicine devoted entirely and exclusively to improving the appearance and delaying the effects of aging.

Aesthetic medicine uses interdisciplinary and comprehensive knowledge in the field of endocrinology, dermatology, general, plastic and maxillofacial surgery. Doctors from the Union Internationale d’Aesthetic Medicine use minimally invasive treatment techniques, using only drugs, tools and methods approved by medical scientific societies.

The subject of aesthetic medicine – unlike other branches of medicine – is a healthy person who wants to maintain good physical and mental condition (more often it is a woman, although men constitute about 20% of patients).

Specialist knowledge, experience and procedural skills are crucial in this field, as certified aesthetic medicine doctors must be competent in anatomy, physiology, and pathology.

The expert knowledge, safe and innovative medical techniques offered to patients vary depending on the area of the body to which they are dedicated – face, neck, torso and limbs. The diagnostic and therapeutic methods used vary depending on the patient’s gender, age and condition.

Treatments performed in our clinic:

Botox – treatment of facial wrinkles
Filling wrinkles
Lip modeling
Volumetria – reconstruction of facial volume
Medical peeling
Injection lipolysis – non-surgical removal of local fat
Acne treatment
Excessive sweating

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