Why is dental prevention so important?

Bad teeth don’t always hurt. The dentist can decide about their condition during a visit to the office, which should be carried out systematically, at least once every six months. This action is aimed at preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Then you can be sure that your smile can always be radiant.

The condition of your teeth depends on you

The goal of every dental office is to provide patients with:
• maintaining your teeth throughout your life;
• ability to chew freely;
• no dental or periodontal pain.

In addition to the visits themselves, you should also take care of your teeth in the comfort of your home by performing a few basic activities:

• use preparations containing fluoride – brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably after each meal. This procedure should take approximately 3 minutes. After brushing, you should use dental floss and rinse your mouth with an appropriate agent;
• eat healthily – limiting sweets makes real miracles happen. The bacteria in the mouth do not have a breeding ground, so the development of many oral diseases is prevented. The menu should include plenty of hard foods, e.g. raw vegetables and fruits, which are not only beneficial for the body, but also naturally remove soft plaque from teeth;
• take care of general oral hygiene – a good way to prevent the development of caries is to chew gum for 20 minutes, which contains fluoride, sorbitol or xylitol, which cause salivation.

The combination of these two elements – check-up visits and taking care of your teeth at home, can prevent many diseases developing in the oral cavity.

What does our dental office offer?

In our dental department, we provide services in various fields of dentistry, using modern treatment methods using the best materials from renowned companies.
We deal with conservative, endodontic and prosthetic treatment. We also perform treatments in the field of aesthetic dentistry and basic dental surgery.
Our main task is to restore a beautiful smile, taking care of details and ensuring a high level of satisfaction for our patients.

Scope of dental services at Atlantic Clinic:

• consultations;
• dental examination;
• caries treatment;
• treatment of periodontal and gum diseases;
• treatment of tooth hypersensitivity;
• tooth reconstruction, treatment of worn and broken teeth;
• endodontics, root canal treatment;
• removal of dental and subgingival calculus;
• sandblasting of sediments;
• contact fluoridation;
• treatment of inflammation of the mucous membrane and gums.
• X-Ray examination;
• Laboratory examination.
The scope of prosthetic work includes:
• porcelain crowns;
• metal-free and ceramic crowns;
• zirconium crowns;
• bridges;
• veneers;
• skeleton and acrylic dentures.
Aesthetic dentistry:
• sanding;
• restoring and improving the aesthetics of teeth;
• whitening.

Registration tel. 02380637374

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