Gynecological clinic

Gynecological clinic

Our gynecological clinic provides services in the following areas:
diagnosis and treatment of women’s diseases
treatment of inflammation of the reproductive organs and urinary system
contraception – advice, selection of methods: spirals, hormonal therapy, post-coital, family planning, monitoring the effect of hormonal therapy on the uterine mucosa
insertion of intrauterine devices
carrying out pregnancy
diagnosing infertility
gynecological endocrinology: menstrual disorders, transition period and menopause, osteoporosis, acne, excessive hair growth
diagnosis of abnormal bleeding
diagnosis of stopping menstruation,
ultrasound location of the intrauterine device
breast examinations
cytological tests
Laboratory tests
Gynecological ultrasound through the abdominal wall or with a transvaginal transducer
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Registration tel. 02380637374

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