Orthopedic clinic

Orthopedic clinic

Orthopedic clinic at Atlantic Clinic

The orthopedic clinic provides specialized diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, defects and injuries. Its main task is to qualify for conservative and surgical treatment. The offer of the orthopedic clinic is addressed to both people after surgery and patients with chronic pain syndromes, minor injuries and diseases.

At the orthopedic clinic we offer:
Orthopedic consultations and treatment for children and adults
Ultrasound of musculoskeletal organs (joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles)
Diagnostics and treatment of hip joints in infants
Intra- and peri-articular injections
Joint puncture
Hyaluronan injection into the joint
Consultations in the field of orthopedic surgical procedures
Comprehensive orthopedic diagnostics
In our Orthopedic Clinic we treat, among others:
spine injuries and diseases
injuries and diseases of the knee joint
injuries and diseases of the shoulder joint
injuries and diseases of the ankle joint
post-traumatic conditions
joint instability
overload changes
degenerative conditions and acquired deformations of the osteoarticular system

Registration tel. 02380637374

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