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Classic massage – has a number of positive consequences: it activates the lymphatic, circulatory and nervous systems and affects the digestive system – it accelerates the absorption of nutrients and the process of burning matter. Classic massage improves joint mobility and also affects the muscles: it increases their flexibility, thanks to which they work better and are better supplied with blood. Indications: sprains and contusions of limbs, chronic inflammation of muscles, joints and tendons, degenerative and rheumatic diseases. Classic massage also helps with spine pain, posture defects, muscle and joint overload, and helps with the healing of scars. It is also used in metabolic diseases, neuralgia, and even in cases of excess weight. This massage includes a full spine massage and a segmental massage, which focuses only on the section of the spine causing pain.

Relaxing massage – its effect is primarily internal calming, getting rid of stress, reducing muscle tension and relaxation, as well as improving blood and lymph circulation, as well as regulating water management.

Slimming massage – helps improve circulation and remove excess toxins. Body cells are stimulated to work, which increases metabolism.

Sports massage – Sports massage stimulates the musculoskeletal system before exercise and minimizes the effects of fatigue after it, and improves lymph and blood circulation, thanks to which nutrients travel faster to the muscles. This massage improves metabolism, allows a physically active person to gain mental balance, and reduce stress and its symptoms. Sports massage also reduces the risk of injury. It helps eliminate post-exercise fatigue and muscle soreness, helps the body better prepare for intense exercise and minimizes its negative effects.

Lymphatic massage – stimulates blood and lymph circulation, improving the overall condition of the body. As a result of stimulation of appropriate points on the body, better nutrition occurs, cell function improves and blood circulation and the functioning of internal organs are properly regulated. The metabolism of adipose tissue and metabolism in the skin, subcutaneous and muscle parts improves. The purpose of drainage is to improve the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system – it prevents peripheral circulation failure, especially in the lower limbs.

Manual therapy – using special grips, manipulations, pressures and mobilizations, it helps restore joint mobility and reduce pain and inflammation.

Kinesiotherapy – an individual exercise program tailored to the needs and activity level of the patient, helping to maintain correct body posture, treating injuries and having a preventive and general improvement effect.

Kinesiotaping – a therapeutic method that involves covering selected parts of the body with special flexible patches. The applied tape gently lifts the skin and thus increases the space that is created between it and the muscles – this effect is crucial for kinestiotaping. Appropriate application of the patch, by reducing the tension on skin receptors, also affects the feeling of pain, which is one of the indications for kinesio taping.

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