Preventive examinations for men

Preventive examinations for men

Preventive examinations for men

Men, just like women, should take care of their health by undergoing periodic preventive examinations. Thanks to this, most diseases can be detected at an early stage, which usually ends with the patient’s complete recovery. At a time when more and more people are suffering from cancer, prevention seems to be a necessity. Below are the tests that should be performed by men of particular ages.

Preventive examinations for men over 20

It would seem that men in their 20s do not have to worry about their health. However, the truth is that nowadays more and more young people get sick, among others. to cancer, and time is crucial in the fight against cancer. The sooner it is detected, the better for the patient. So what preventive tests should 20-year-old men undergo?
Blood count – every 2-3 years;
up to the age of 25, a lipid profile should be performed, which shows the level of total cholesterol, HDL and LDL fractions and triglycerides;
self-examination of the testicles – after the age of 18, every man should self-examine the testicles to exclude, for example, nodules;
BMI and waist circumference – once every three years you should see a doctor who will check whether these indicators are correct;
blood pressure – should be measured at least once a year;
urine test – performed once every 2-3 years.
In addition to the above-mentioned tests, a young man should also maintain adequate physical activity and stick to a healthy diet. It is worth supplementing with vitamin D, thanks to which we retain energy when we cannot get it from the sun.

Preventive examinations for men over 30

After the age of 30, the list of tests does not differ much from those that men should perform after the age of 20. What changes is the lipid profile, which should be performed every 3 to 5 years. In the case of testicular examination, it is also advisable to perform self-examination, but it is worth visiting a specialist from time to time who will thoroughly examine this part of the body. Apart from these two preventive tests, all other tests remain unchanged.

Preventive examinations for men over 40

Just like in women, also in men, the list of tests begins to expand after the age of 40. In addition to the above-mentioned tests, prevention also includes:
Cardiovascular tests should be performed every 5 years;
Fasting glucose levels are measured every 3 years.
Such preventive measures as blood pressure, blood count, urine tests and BMI remain unchanged.

Preventive examinations for men over 50

After the age of 50, the risk of cancer in men increases. Therefore, in addition to the above preventive tests, it is advisable to have a test that can detect prostate cancer in its early stage. Then the PSA antigen concentration is tested or a digital rectal examination is performed. After the age of 50, a colonoscopy is also performed once every 10 years to detect possible colon cancer. A fecal occult blood test is also recommended every year. Doctors often send their patients over 50 for evaluation of osteoporotic fractures.
Sometimes it is advisable for men to visit a urologist. Any urinary tract diseases can occur at any age. If urination is painful, has an unusual change in color, or if testicular pain suddenly appears. A visit to a urologist is then necessary.

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