Psychiatric Clinic

Psychiatric Clinic

In the field of psychiatry, we treat:

mental disorders and psychoses, including schizophrenia (states of altered perception of reality, often combined with aggression, hallucinations, delusions)
neurosis and anxiety disorders (sudden, violent fears, anxiety)
obsessive-compulsive disorder (thoughts or behaviors that appear constantly and obtrusively and prevent normal functioning)
depression (states of poor well-being, bad mood, thoughts of resignation)
dementia disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease (emerging problems with memory and association)
disorders caused by other diseases – e.g. depression after cerebral infarctions, cancer, heart diseases
bipolar disorders, including manic syndromes (conditions characterized by severe agitation or severe depression)
behavioral and personality disorders (often aggressive behavior, domestic violence, tendency to drink alcohol, difficulty maintaining a relationship)
disorders in children and adolescents – including ADHD, autism
reactive syndromes, help with loss, long-term stress (difficulty adapting to a new situation, relationship breakdowns, prolonged stress)
managing patients in special situations, e.g. pregnancy, death of a loved one,
In the field of addiction treatment:
treatment of withdrawal syndromes (states of tension, aggression, anxiety a few days after stopping drinking alcohol)
treatment of addiction to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, including the use of psychotherapy and hypnosis
treatment of alcohol and drug complications (alcohol delirium, alcohol and drug psychosis)
the treatment method is individually selected to meet the needs of each patient. It is possible to undertake psychotherapy

Registration tel. 02380637374

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