Psychological clinic

Psychological clinic

When can you seek contact with a psychologist?


when we have a feeling of accumulating problems and intensifying emotional states;
when we want to learn more about ourselves, get to know our own predispositions and capabilities (e.g. intellectual, personality, temperament or in terms of building emotional relationships);
when we need to develop and strengthen our own strategies for coping with stressful situations and/or learn new strategies for solving various problems (e.g. assertiveness techniques, task-oriented problem-solving techniques, etc.);
when we find that we too often succumb to states of depression, sadness, resignation, irritation, anger, as well as exaltation or euphoria, or other emotions that affect our daily functioning in a way that clearly disturbs us and/or those around us;
in a situation of clearly felt anxiety, fear, sudden withdrawal from undertaken actions (e.g. when there are no objective obstacles to achieving the chosen goal);
when we experience a multitude of thoughts and/or activities that we subjectively describe as unpleasant and make everyday functioning difficult;
when fate confronts us with sudden situations that significantly affect our lives, e.g. an accident, death of a loved one, problems at work or job loss;
when we have a feeling of senselessness and purposelessness;
when we have suicidal thoughts and/or have experienced a suicide attempt;
when we experience family problems, strong emotional tension in a romantic relationship or decide to break up;
when we experience rejection and/or abandonment by someone we have had a close relationship with or when our feelings remain unrequited;
in the event of alcohol or drug abuse (when we ourselves notice the boundary being crossed or we receive messages from the environment indicating that it has been crossed);
when we just want to talk or get advice on any matter that is of personal importance to us;Children and youth:
when we notice behavior in our child that is significantly different from the previous one: a rapid increase in activity or a noticeable decrease in activity; progressive limitation of contact with the child and/or lack of contact;
if we have noticed clear signals of increased tension, anxiety or fear in the child;
when we notice or receive information that the child is clearly afraid of specific activities, e.g. going to school or a specific place or person;
when we notice and/or receive information from other people that the child is displaying aggressive behavior;
when a child has suicidal thoughts and attempts or witnesses someone else’s suicide attempt;
when the child is the subject of mental or physical violence (e.g. at home and/or at school);
when the child isolates himself or herself by avoiding usual activities and/or people;
when a child bed-wets even though he or she can already use the toilet;
when the child reports that he or she experiences nightmares and/or wakes up at night with fear;
when the child is involved in family and/or marital quarrels;
when a child experiences a complete change in their current lifestyle, e.g. the family changes their place of residence and/or moves the child to a new school;
when a child has difficulties with language skills while living in a bilingual family;
when we notice clear changes in food preferences;
in any situation that may be considered unusual in the light of the knowledge and previous observations we have about our child and his habits
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