Minor surgical procedures

Many people struggling with various types of moles or warts decide to undergo minor surgical procedures. Not only are they not invasive or painful surgeries, but they also make us feel better. By using the services of qualified medical staff, you can be sure that each treatment will be effective and quick. It is worth using this option to enjoy flawless skin!

Surgical procedures performed in our office

Are you thinking about getting rid of an unwanted skin lesion? Below you will find some treatments that will help you with this.
Removal of lipomas – these changes appear mainly in people over 40 years of age. They are caused by the accumulation of too much fat tissue in one place. A lipoma is a completely painless lesion, but it may cause unsightly discomfort. It does not pose a threat to life, however, for cosmetic reasons, many people want to get rid of it, especially when its size begins to exceed several centimeters;
removal of sebaceous cysts – they most often appear in hairy places. Their size can be up to several centimeters. Although they are not a threat to human health, they can cause pain and aesthetic discomfort, especially if the cyst is found around the face. Its removal takes from a few to several minutes. In order to prevent the lesion from recurring, the entire semen should be enucleated along with the so-called bag”;
removal of a wart – also known as a wart. It most often appears in young people and is caused by the HPV virus called human papilloma. Warts are not painful at all, but their appearance in highly visible places may be associated with mental and aesthetic discomfort. They are removed painlessly and very quickly;
removal of pigmented lesions – known as moles. They are the most common blemish on the human body. They are not dangerous to health, but if they are atypical moles or are located in sensitive places where they are susceptible to damage, they should be removed because they may turn into a malignant tumor.

Take advantage of the help of an experienced office

Anyone struggling with the above-mentioned skin lesions can undergo painless treatments. What makes it worth taking advantage of our offer?
Treatments are performed by specialists;
you can return to your daily activities immediately after the procedure;
thanks to local anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain;
each treatment is preceded by a detailed interview with the patient;
everything is carried out in sterile and comfortable conditions.

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