Ultrasonic liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction – through the use of ultrasound at a frequency of 1 MHz, another lower frequency of 30 KHz is transmitted. This causes the phenomenon of cavitation, which causes the particles in the tissues to vibrate, causing internal tissue massage.

The energy generated causes damage to the membranes of fat cells and thus releases free fatty acids and glycerol into the intercellular space, which are then discharged through the vascular-lymphatic system to the liver. The device has a UD head and an IR head. The combination of these two stimuli makes the effects of the treatment visible almost immediately. The IR head, by heating the tissues, is intended to increase the effectiveness of sonication with the UD head. The fat tissue is liquefied and the ultrasound wave penetrates deeper.

The treatment is used to locally remove fat tissue from difficult to get rid of areas:
– hips;
– thighs;
– arms;
– buttocks;
– waist.

The effect of the treatment is the reduction of fat tissue in places where it is very difficult to do so.

Indications for ultrasonic liposuction:

• reduction of fat tissue and cellulite;
• increasing skin elasticity;
• body shaping;
• stimulation of metabolism.

Contraindications to ultrasonic liposuction:

• pregnancy;
• period;
• diabetes;
• epilepsy;
• osteoporosis;
• cardiovascular diseases;
• multiple sclerosis;
• implants;
• pacemaker;
• inflammations;
• tumor.

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