Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound examination, also known as ultrasound, can be performed on various internal organs. This is actually the most effective diagnostic method that allows for an appropriate treatment path. Thanks to ultrasound, we can check how individual internal organs are doing. We will quickly detect tumors or other blemishes that will be visible in the image displayed on the ultrasound scanner. Using this test has saved many people from losing their health or even their lives because a quick diagnosis was made.

Types of ultrasound examination

Ultrasound allows you to perform tests in:
abdominal cavity;
lymph nodes;
salivary glands;
reproductive system;
anus and rectum;
knee joint;
shoulder joint;
hip joint;
elbow joint;
ankle joint;
arteries and veins.

Always during the examination, a given part of the body should be exposed so that the doctor can place the transducer in a given place. In the case of the reproductive system or anus, the ultrasound is introduced inside the patient’s body.

Ultrasound examination – how to prepare for it?

There is usually no need for any special preparation before an ultrasound examination. Unless it concerns the abdominal cavity, anus or reproductive system. In the case of an abdominal examination, you should usually avoid eating hard-to-digest foods a few days before, as they may cause gas, which in turn will distort the image. If we are going to examine the anus, an enema should be performed before the examination. Often, doctors also prescribe laxatives. Gynecological ultrasound requires hygiene and cannot be performed during menstruation.

Why is it worth undergoing ultrasound diagnostics regularly?

Ultrasound examinations do not pose a threat to patients’ health, and in fact, they can use this option quite often. Such action allows you to maintain health and life, because ignorance about the functioning of internal organs is the cause of many diseases that are often irreversible. The ultrasound is performed painlessly and comfortably.

H2. What distinguishes our ultrasound diagnostics office?
We have many years of experience in the field of ultrasound examinations;
we perform full diagnostics of each organ;
we offer the most modern method of imaging internal organs;
the examination is carried out in a quick and comfortable way;
we approach each patient individually;

Our office operates based on all hygiene principles. We take care of sterile with the utmost care

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